The company FSDS LLC has been providing a wide range of diving and underwater works for more than 10 years. Based on experience, the company is in constant development and expanding its list of services, while improving the quality of existing ones.
To date, our areas of work are focused on about. Sakhalin, the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, where we offer services for underwater construction, installation, repair and maintenance of facilities, trenching for pipelines, cables and combined reagent wires;
inspection and assessment of corrosion;
service maintenance of ships;
offshore dredging, excavation and remotely operated vehicles.
We intend to improve our skills and operate in many geographic areas, while ensuring the high quality and security of the services we provide to our customers based on long-term and strong relationships.
  • We provide safe, efficient and cost-effective solutions to our customers
  • We provide equipment and controls that meet international standards, which ensure the safe and efficient performance of work
  • We provide our staff with optimal working conditions for obtaining positive result
High quality
Many years of experience makes it possible to take on projects of any complexity.
Individual approach
Each client is unique. We develop unique concepts for everyone.
We work with all clients only officially and give guarantees for all types of work.
All members of our team have extensive experience in their field of activity, from project managers to diving supervisors.
FSDS is ready to provide services under any difficult project conditions
Development of offshore oil and gas fields
FSDS is able to provide technical support for construction work in oil and gas fields, with rich experience in the offshore underwater construction industry.
Maintenance, modification and repair of infrastructure
FSDS has vast experience, knowledge and skills in the maintenance, repair and modification of existing infrastructures, including inspection and repair of pipelines, underwater welding, underwater non-destructive testing, as well as surveys by divers and ROVs.
Project management
In recent years, FSDS, through the development of its capabilities, has been dealing with project management issues within the scope of work of our customers. We are ready to discuss with you the possibilities for managing your subsea projects.
Inspection of offshore facilities for classification organizations
FSDS is a recognized service provider for marine and offshore properties classified under Lloyd's Register, DNV, ABS and RMRS standards and has extensive experience in regular inspections, ship hull integrity studies, subsequent inspections, after repairs and maintenance.
Development of offshore oil and gas fields
For major oilfield operators and oilfield contractors, FSDS performs construction-related diving and technical work aboard barges or support vessels designed for offshore drilling. The scope of work includes the following (but not limited to):

  • Pipe laying
  • Installation of support bases and flexible pipelines
  • Metrology of pipe sections
  • Installation of pipe sections
  • Bolt tightening
  • Installation of risers / wire clamps
  • Modifications of subsea systems
  • Underwater dredging
  • Welding repair work
Maintenance, modification and repair of infrastructure
FSDS provides diving inspector services, including marine ROV inspections aboard existing or customer-provided vessels, as part of ongoing inspection programs including:

  • Offshore foundations and platforms
  • Pipelines
  • Subsea wellheads
  • Subsea Pipeline Manifold (PLEM)
  • Flexible risers / medium depth buoys / spot berths
  • Inspections of floating oil storage facilities and the underwater part instead of dry docking (UWILD)
Scope of work, including:
  • Subsea fouling measurement
  • Quality control of welds
  • Interpretation of data from devices for underwater measurements of the level of corrosion
  • Interpretation of UST (Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging) Data
  • Data interpretation using the magnetic particle method
  • AC field measurement technology
  • Seabed erosion studies
  • Investigations of pipelines with sagging
Project management
FSDS, as a member of IMCA, always ensures the proper level of security. All our work is carried out in strict accordance with our HSE procedures and international standards. We also work closely with customers to prepare the scope of work prior to operations and liaise with class society inspectors to optimize work efficiency.

Our project managers are ready to consider inspection services for multi-purpose support vessels and tankers, semi-submersible drilling platforms, drilling ships and jack-ups, including their subsea and topside structures, in accordance with the requirements of a special regular survey (SPS).
Inspection of offshore facilities for classification organizations
FSDS inspectors are qualified to internationally recognized standards and are equipped with special equipment to inspect and troubleshoot ship hulls, tanks, piers and columns.

Our joint UWILD services:

  • High pressure water blasting or sandblasting
  • Visual Inspection
  • Video and photography
  • Ultrasonic wall thickness measurement
  • Ultrasonic flaw detection
  • Magnetic particle flaw detection
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Hull cleaning
  • Welding (replacement of anodes, as well as repair of hulls, fixtures and columns)
  • Rope access (access to upper structures)
  • Dive divers
  • Conducting a study with remotely controlled vehicles
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